Mrs. Linda Bunschoten
Director of Marketing – Respiratory Diagnostics, CareFusion

On behalf of CareFusion’s Respiratory Diagnostics division we requested the Leiden Research Group to conduct objective market research in China with the aim to get a better understanding of a specific segment in the health care market. Considering the rapidly changing “Chinese world” we anticipated that this would be a challenging and complex assignment. However despite having local reports in the field we preferred to have this market intelligence provided by an external party who could provide us with unbiased observations and recommendations. An excellent match was formed with a team of three LRG students. Following a two months preparation phase the dedicated team was tasked to study, observe and survey various aspects of the Chinese health care system. Supported by our local reports the LRG team visited and interviewed physicians, paramedics and healthcare directors in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu whilst regularly touching base with us. The field study was professionally concluded with a comprehensive report and presentation to our board both in the English language. We were impressed with the high level of effort and commitment to perform and complete the assignment. Besides having an external party confirming our assumptions and expectations, the market research brought us new valuable insights. LRG did a stellar job! We will undoubtedly consider working with the LRG again in the future.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Peter Ho
Professor of Chinese Economy and Development, director of the Modern East Asia Research Centre Leiden University

Studying Sinology at Leiden University gives students a solid knowledge of the Chinese economy, language, culture, society and politics. A substantial amount of the students who have studied Sinology will continue their study at the Rotterdam School of Management which, in collaboration with the department of Sinology, set up a competitive Master in Chinese Economy and Business. We have learned that many of our students will eventually get a job in, for example, the business sector, at a consultancy agency or in public services. This has enabled us to build an outstanding network of alumni, an excellent tool for the Leiden Research Group students.

Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit
Professor of Strategic Leadership at the University of Maastricht and Nyenrode University, founder of the consultancy agency Strategy Works and educational enterprise Strategy Academy

Managing an organization is a highly complex issue because it involves many parties and factors and several strategic problems occur simultaneously in an organization. Placing an organization in an international context is even more challenging. The minor International and Intercultural Management pays a lot of attention to strategy. Furthermore, the minor trains students to analyze international cases and identify organizational successes and nightmares. Thanks to their knowledge of intercultural management, the students are able, in spite of the complexity, to present ways which will lead to a durable strategy for your company.

Bram van Olphen
Managing director and owner of Central Oceans Group, which has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Jakarta and Rotterdam

Some time ago Leiden University again decided to organize a research trip abroad. I was pleased, both as sinologist and participant in the first trip, to learn that these trips have become a lasting part of the minor International and Intercultural Management.
It is often said that conducting business with the ‘new markets’ creates problems because of poor communication and understanding. It seems that the lack of knowledge of another language and culture are the biggest issues. Since globalization is no longer a trend, but an integral part of today’s strategies, I cannot but emphasize the importance of the minor International and Intercultural Management. In my ten years of corporate activity in China, I’ve learned that ‘our’ students, who possess the right knowledge, can make a very big difference and that they can turn your plans into a success in China.

japaann-e1447247355449Ralph Dazert
Market Analyst at Holland Marine Equipment (HME)

During 2013, a group of students from the Leiden Research Group travelled to Japan in order to conduct an in-depth study of the Japanese shipbuilding and marine equipment sector for Holland Marine Equipment BV. The students were all proficient in the Japanese language and gained access to a lot of companies in Japan. The students came back to us with an impressive report, which contained a lot of relevant information. Besides “hard” facts, the group also gave us a lot of “soft” information about Japanese business culture, which really impressed us. For example, we learned that Japanese companies by and large still rely on the fax machine and that usage of e-mail and internet is still very limited. All in all, the students of LRG did an excellent job.

PimOveresPim Overes
Managing Director at Fujian Huisman Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd

A team of three students from the LRG completed their internship project at Huisman China with great enthusiasm and dedication. After a challenging startup phase with various interpretations of the potential business, they really committed themselves to get the job done. The biggest challenge proved to be the interviews and discussions for potential new client(s). Considering the complexity and uncertainty of the assignment, they did a good job by collecting and analyzing all information/data, and implementing them into the final report.Cooperation with (local) staff was pleasant and positive. The written report and marketing material shall definitely contribute to development of our quayside business. 

CEO Peeters Produkten B.V. (Duo Penotti)

Peeters Produkten is producing and marketing amongst others Duo Penotti in many countries. In 2011 we made a first step into the Chinese market, being well aware of the fact that we needed more information about the consumer behavior and consumption patterns with regard to a product like ours. The offer of the Leiden Research Group to provide us with this kind of information came at the right time. Together with the Group we set up interviews, product tests and questionnaires. The students of the team that had to execute this assignment managed to have over 700 product tests and completed questionnaires and also had 30 interviews that gave us more general information about consumption patterns. During the four weeks in which this task was fulfilled in China the group stayed in close contact with us. After their return to the Netherlands the Group presented and discussed its findings with our Management Board. We were very satisfied with the way in which they performed and are implementing the recommendations that we received.