About the students

Group 2018

We consist of bachelor students with academic backgrounds varying from China Studies, Japanese Language & Culture Studies, to Law and Psychology, History and Political Science. Our students are interested in more than solely the business part of the research; for them, the cultural and sociological aspects are just as important. This is one of the differentiating aspects of the students from this minor – we look beyond the obvious.

Students and their experience:

Mandy Hartman (academic year 2020/2021)
As a linguist I wanted to be able to put my qualities into practice a little more. The minor International and Intercultural Management was the ideal opportunity for this. During the minor I gained a lot of knowledge about marketing, management and strategy, which can be perfectly combined with all the communication skills that I already acquired during my bachelor. The final assignment of this minor is the perfect opportunity to really use these skills. With all the knowledge still fresh in my mind, I am more than ready to help a company take the next step!

Lu Lan Stelpstra (academic year 2020/2021)
Hi, my name is Lu Lan! Culture is really interesting to me. Unfortunately, culture is not really incorporated into the Bachelor Public Administration. Therefore I wanted to do something with culture for my minor. This minor is a great combination of culture, management and marketing, but also has interface with Public Administration. The perfect choice if you ask me! I learned a lot so far and i am looking forward to the final assignment where you can put your new found knowledge to practice.

Veerle Blankwaard (academic year 2020/2021)

Hi everyone! My name is Veerle Blankwaard and I follow a bachelor in Psychology. I wanted to follow a minor that broadens my horizon and teaches me more about management in companies. However, the combination of culture and companies, was something that did not cross my mind in the first place. This minor taught me that culture influences a lot of aspects on the working floor, such as type of collaboration and the way of communicating.

During this minor you get the opportunity to really put your knowledge into practice. I’ve worked with a vegetable seeds company where I’ve researched how to effectively expand the South Korean market with hot pepper seeds. I found it really interesting to work with real companies and I think that this practical assignment is one of the strong points of this minor.

Simone Luca (academic year 2020/2021)

As a cultural anthropology student, learning about cultures is not new for me, but I wanted to take my love for different cultures to a new level. How can I use this in the business world? During this minor I learned how to use this knowledge in marketing, management and strategy. The final assignment is the perfect moment to use all the information I gained and really help a company out. This minor is the perfect choice if you ask me. Now I can put my love and interest in different countries and cultures into practice.

Floor Hoekstra (academic year 2019/2020)
Hi! My name is Floor, I followed the minor in 2019-2020 and I am very happy that I did. My bachelor was history and although I thought that it was really nice, I was interested in exploring a bit more broadly. In the end I chose this minor because I really liked the cultural side and thought the idea of ​​the final assignment was a great opportunity. For the final assignment I worked with others on an assignment for the Haagse Hogeschool. I had never been in such direct contact with a company for an assignment and it was a great opportunity that taught me a lot.

Paulien van Kleef (academic year 2019/2020)
Traveling and learning about other cultures has always been a great passion of mine. As soon as a topic was about a relationship between different countries or cultures, it caught my attention. Therefore, it was quite a logical choice for me to choose this minor during my bachelor International Studies. What makes this minor extra interesting is that it is quite tangible. You study real-life (business) cases with different cultures and learn to understand how important it is not to forget culture in the workplace. I used to think culture was quite an abstract concept, but because of this minor I really started to understand culture.
The final assignment is a great addition to this minor because you have to set up and analyze an issue yourself in collaboration with the relevant company. In this way you learn to critically analyze an international or intercultural problem within a company in an independent way. Since this is a real company with real people, you can apply the scientific theories and ideas around international and intercultural management in a very interesting way. I do not think that any other way could be more educational for the students than this practical assignment. They learn to think critically about all the material that was taught throughout the minor. A very educational bridge between theory and practice!