Our Services

Research phases 
All the research that we conduct, will consist of three phases:


Our main areas of expertise relate to issues of:

Competitor Analysis
A competitor analysis considers the nature and extent of the competition in (a region of) the desired country. Additionally, it identifies major competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and those of their products, their objectives, their strategies and their technologies. Also, individual competitors are recognized and the market structure is examined.

Market Research
Through market research we can identify and define market opportunities for clients. To gain more insight into consumer behavior or a specific target-group, data can be gathered and analyzed. Research on business-to-business companies is also possible.

Brand positioning research
What benefits do customers want from a brand in your category? Are customers aware of your brand, and is it positioned properly to meet their needs? What are your brand’s potential points of vulnerability? How does the target market see the brand relative to competitors?

Cultural Marketing
The world economy is becoming increasingly cross-cultural and businesses expand further and further in international markets. Therefore, this type of research can help companies understand cross-culture consumer behavior better. It addresses multinational companies as well as local companies so that they will be able to develop new creative approaches in which cultural influences may be part of certain advertisements. 

Value-chain Analysis
Through this analysis we can investigate possibilities in every stage of the supply-chain, particularly if your company wishes to integrate their supply chain of the desired country. Information about suppliers can be collected and investigated, as well as information about distributors or potential customers. Moreover, an analysis on outsourcing business operations or foreign direct investment can be conducted.

Feasibility Analysis
What do customers expect from your company? Customers’ perceptions of your brand? What is the probability of current customers becoming repeating purchasers? What customers think of your competition? What are your customers’ future needs and wants? How to increase retention and sales?

Commercial Activities
We can establish valuable contacts for your company in the country you wish to acces. Potential business partners, clients, or any other contacts your business may require, can be attained to expand your global business network.

Of course our research will be tailor-made, so beside these services we can do a lot more for your company at a non-profit rate.