About the minor


The minor International and Intercultural Management combines the studies of global economy, organizational behavior, marketing and strategic management with a focus on international affairs.

Over the course of a year, the students are taught about the principles of these different fields of study and choose a specialization. Through these specialization courses, the students gain more profound knowledge of a specific field of study while maintaining the extra knowledge of their own study. Within the minor as a whole, the main focus point remains the cultural differences between countries and populations, making sure the students obtain a better understanding of the behavior and the sensitivities of business partners and consumers. Not only the business aspect of management is highlighted during this minor, the human aspect is very important as well. Therefore, students are better trained to show mutual understanding, which leads to a higher chance of success while conducting business. Because of the huge influence of cultural behavior, bothnationwide as well as within corporations, our researches offer not only practical solutions for the present, but also opportunities for the future. A cooperation arises which is greater than the sum of its parts, culture binds everything together.