Our mission is to deliver on a non-profit basis high quality international market research with speed, accuracy, efficiency, and reliability from the moment of initial contact to the presentation of the results.

Would you like to broaden your horizon? Are you interested in exploring business opportunities abroad? Or have you already been doing business abroad, but did you experience difficulties or problems? In those cases you will need research that accounts for differences between cultures.

Specific cultural knowledge and the necessary linguistic-skills are crucial in order to understand the market you wish to expand to. Furthermore, having the right network of contacts is one of the most important steps in doing business abroad. Due to the broad scope of area-studies at Leiden University, it gives us the possibility to access a vast database of professional contacts in the countries that we offer our services to.

Luckily, the Leiden University students from the minor International and Intercultural Management offer a solution. Leiden University is the only university in the Netherlands offering a broad scope of area-studies such as China, Japan, Korea and Latin America – studies. Next to the students who are majoring in a specific area of the world, there are also students who are majoring in studies such as international relations, politics, history, psychology, medicine and law. They have been unified by the minor International and Intercultural Management, in which they specialise in intercultural marketing and organisational management. In this minor they learn theoretical concepts and practical insights with a focus on how to cope with the cultural environment .

The students of Leiden University offer their professional expertise to your business. By conducting desk and field research we offer results supporting well-informed decision making for your company. We provide our services on a non-profit basis and we provide your company with research that profits from academic feedback and expertise provided by our teachers at Leiden University.